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Infrastructural Facility Management

For almost 60 years, our infrastructural facility management has ensured optimal cleaning and maintenance of the entire infrastructure of your core business: production. In this way we create a pleasant working environment and ensure that your buildings, areas and facilities are optimally maintained. 

Optimal care for production with our infrastructural facilities services

Our great strength is our experience. On this basis, our experts for infrastructural facility management develop and implement individual cleaning concepts. In this way, together we find efficient and cost-efficient solutions that suit your needs.


Our facility services are carried out according to strict quality criteria and based on current industry best practice. Our employees are therefore always highly trained. Digital tools also make our performance transparent and verifiable.


According to the principle of ”one face to the customer“, we take the load off you in infrastructural facility management for your production. For us, this means: We take over the coordination of all services in the background so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Our services in Infrastructural Facility Management

Janitorial cleaning

  • Standardized use of proven and high-quality cleaning processes (e.g. 4-color system, microfiber technology, etc.)
  • Customized cleaning and work schedules
  • Special training material for different room groups
  • Optimal and regular training on cleaning processes, methods and quality standards
  • Detailed property documentation and transparent reporting
  • Use of the latest machines, equipment and cleaning agents
  • Use of cleaning chemicals according to local conditions
  • Standardization and optimization of service specifications
  • Optimization of the cost structure for janitorial cleaning
  • Dust control mat service
  • Special cleaning


  • Regular plant care and landscaping: watering, fertilizing, cutting, cleaning and tying
  • Replacement of plants and replanting
  • Comprehensive lawn care
  • Soil cultivation
  • Inspection of the technical equipment for the vegetation
  • Checking trees for traffic safety
  • Winter protection measures for plants
  • Cleaning of and clearing up leaves from paths and areas

Furniture move

  • Office moves
  • Furniture storage
  • Relocation of machines, machine parts and facilities
  • Complete service incl. cleaning
  • Relocation and/or installation of the IT infrastructure
  • Cable laying/electrical installations
  • Ensuring functionality after the move
  • Professional planning and implementation
  • Flexible relocation times in coordination with the customer
  • Central coordination of all activities

Construction and deep cleaning

  • Cleaning measures during construction
  • Rough construction cleaning
  • Detailed post-construction cleaning
  • Final cleaning, e.g. after renovation or rebuilding work
  • Professional construction waste disposal

Filter management

  • Relocation of the existing filter skimmers
  • Creation of cleaning schedules, work instructions and process descriptions
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Cleaning of supply air systems and filter change according to customer specifications
  • Order, provision and disposition of all filters

Window and exterior cleaning

  • Cleaning of facades and roof structures, building materials and surfaces, windows and frames, blinds and vertical blinds
  • Removal of dust, soot as well as oily and greasy dirt from masonry and glass surfaces
  • Innovative and ecological cleaning methods such as cleaning by means of osmosis

Street cleaning and snow removal

  • Cleaning of streets and sidewalks, parking lots and underground car parks
  • Snow removal and gritting and salting services
  • Ensuring the legal duty to maintain safety is fulfilled
  • Short response times for weather-related activities
  • 24/7 availability
  • Use of state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment
  • Ensuring the smooth running of internal processes

Special project cleaning

  • Deep cleaning and sealing of floors
  • Deep cleaning after renovation work
  • Complete cleaning of carpets
  • Cleaning and care of upholstered furniture and other furniture
  • Cleaning of ceilings, walls, air conditioning and ventilation systems

Internal waste stream management

  • Disposal services with the help of digitally supported processes
  • Waste management under consideration of sustainable and legally compliant requirements
  • Operation of waste management centers and recycling centers
  • Collection of domestic, commercial and production waste
  • Parts scrapping of hazardous and non-hazardous goods
  • Provision and disposition of all containers
  • Handling of hazardous materials, chips and fluids
  • Cooperation with certified waste management companies
  • Integration of internal and external hazardous materials managers

Your advantages

  • Highly qualified personnel: excellently trained service professionals for reliable implementation
  • Services from a single source: So that our customers can concentrate on their core business
  • Highest standards: quality, occupational health and safety and traffic safety
  • High customer satisfaction: through services tailored to your individual needs
  • Value retention of buildings and facilities: through cleanliness, care, protection and hygiene
  • Transparent documentation of services: through digital-based applications

Digital solutions for Infrastructural Facility Management

With our digital offer we provide transparency and increased service quality. Suitable for every service. These solutions optimally complement Infrastructural Facility Management.


Smart Condition Monitoring 
With Smart Condition Monitoring, we not only provide preventive maintenance, but also intelligent condition monitoring. In three phases, we detect anomalies, install sensors or IT systems and finally define intelligent guidelines for action.


Digital Equipment Capture  

Our Digital Equipment Capture records systematically asset master data and creates a high level of transparency - throughout the entire process. By implementing the data in a CAFM system, maintenance can be better planned.


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