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Leadec in Mexico

Facts and figures

  • Headquarter in Saltillo
  • Foundation in 2005
  • Present at 16 customer locations
  • More than 1,300 employees

Leadec Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. is a company of the Leadec Group, headquartered in Germany. We are present in the country since 2005 attending the major manufacturers and suppliers of automotive industry with technical services in maintenance, installation, technical cleaning and support services.


In these more than 15 years we have grown, together with our customers, and currently attend the main companies in automotive, chemical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage and consumer goods industries.


With the right combination of technical services, Leadec in Mexico makes sure that production processes in the plant run smoothly. To find the best solutions for the expectations of our customers, we analyze our client's needs in a professional manner. For our services we rely on our professional staff.

Your industrial service specialist

Our goal is to allow you to focus on what is most important to you, your business. As specialists in industrial services, we offer customized solutions with the unique objective of increasing your competitiveness. We do this by going beyond maintenance and repair, we improve the efficiency of your facilities, equipment and production processes, providing high availability, quality and economy. We understand your needs and develop tailor-made solutions to provide the results you need, whether for a single service or an entire industrial complex.


Our services

Industries we work for

For many decades, our technical expertise and capabilities have been the backbone of production plants around the world. With a wealth of new ideas and great dedication, we make production robust and efficient. Leadec guarantees the same high standards of service across all regions and industries. Our customers find us wherever our expertise in discrete manufacturing offers a genuine added value.


Know-how in a wide range of industries


Important milestones of our history

Evolving into a global & technical service champion in manufacturing
  • 1962: Founding of the company (Kesselreinigungsgesellschaft Reichenberger & Co.) in Munich, Germany. Core activities: technical cleaning and maintenance
  • 1985: Company renamed Deutsche Industriewartung GmbH & Co. KG (DIW)
  • 2000: Voith acquires DIW and establishes the division Voith Industrial Services
  • 2005: Expansion into America through the acquisition of Premier Group, Cincinnati, USA
  • 2005: Starting of activities in Mexico
  • 2006: Majority takeover of Hörmann Industrietechnik, Kirchseeon, Germany
  • 2009: Expansion into Asia through the establishment of company in China
  • 2013: Takeover of ThyssenKrupp Services in UK
  • 2016: Voith Industrial Services is purchased by private equity firm Triton
  • 2017: Voith Industrial Services becomes Leadec
  • 2018: Focus on manufacturing industry by sale of Veltec business (process industry)
  • Until today: Focus on the manufacturing industry, expansion of the technical portfolio through acquisitions

Awards winning work

Our many awards testify the confidence our customers have in the quality of our services and the trust they place in our teams day after day:

  • 2017: Most improved safety in Mexico award by NAVISTAR

  • 2016: Zero work-related accidents during 2015 by Toyota
  • 2016: Accomplished the 100k in Security by Toyota
  • 2016: Clients flawless relationship and 4 diamond project results by PEMSA
  • 2016: Award for achieving 4 diamond of 5 project concepts by TYG
  • 2016: Security cup for 0 recordable accidents by TYG
  • 2015: Security cup for 0 recordable accidents by TYG
  • 2014: Security cup for 0 recordable accidents by TYG
  • 2010: Service Supplier of the year by PEMSA

Compliance @ Leadec Mexico

The Leadec Group Code of Conduct contains provisions on areas of the daily work routine and a commitment by the Management Board to act in accordance with Leadec values. Internal regulations of the Leadec Group complement and particularize the Code of Conduct within the framework of specific instructions.


Code of Conduct